Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who Cares That They Haven't Built One Yet?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present what could be considered the world's first green sports car.

Here's a rundown from the linked article (which has a ton of photos):

...four in-wheel motors generate 553 lb-ft of torque -- that's about as much as the tire-shredding Dodge Viper SRT produces -- and 120 kilowatts apiece (for a combined total of about 643 horsepower, putting it in the same ballpark as the Corvette ZR1). Lightning [the company who designed it] claims the car will do 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 130 mph. Range is 250 miles.

The car features an aluminum honeycomb chassis, carbon-kevlar bodywork, regenerative braking and 36 kilowatt nano lithium titanate battery the company says will charge in just 10 minutes and maintain 85 percent capacity after 15,000 charges. Look for a full slate of features, from anti-lock braking and traction control to air conditioning and leather.

Pretty awesome idea; here's hoping they can make it work.

Also, they're saying it'll cost $300,000. You could make this Oscar-winning movie three times with that amount of money.

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Mark Keefer said...

I'll take two. Just let me do a few extra lawns to save up. I'm not sure it's gonna go fast enough for me tho. I need 0-60 in a little less than 3.0 sec. for my commutes.