Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Costa Rica, Here We Come.

See all these people? This is me with my family, and we're attempting something this summer we've never attempted before:

We're going to Costa Rica on a missions trip.

Are we nuts? Maybe.

But, we are planning to go, and we're planning to go as a family. We're excited about the possibilities this brings forth, especially for the kiddos, most especially for Emma (the pony-tailed one in the back row whose head is next to mine), who felt God call her to be a missionary when she was only five years old and who has already had some deep theological profundity well up from within. We believe God's going to do some crazy stuff in our kids' hearts while on this trip, while simultaneously bonding us as a family and (maybe?) launching us into a new means of ministry. We can't put our fingers on it, but something grand is going to happen to one or more (or all) of us. So we're going.

However: we can't go for free. So we're in the midst of a giant fundraising campaign to try to earn enough money to get there. That's where you, dear Dregs reader, come in.

Please visit the link to our super-awesome fundraising page, hosted at If you'd like to donate, you can do so there. If you want to get behind our efforts and mention us on your blog, well, that'd be swell. Leave me a link in the comments section and I'll give you a mention on here.

Thanks for your help! Sorry for the shameless plug; I'm planning on posting another Writing Is Easy entry soon (as soon as I write it -- it's so hard!).


Mark Keefer said...

What's the fund-raising deadline?

Adam said...

Glad you asked. We have to have the first half of our payment by May 1; after that, I think we have until right up to trip time (which is mid-June).