Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's High School, But It Ain't Musical.

So I got an actual-factual copy of The High School Survival Guide in the mail yesterday, and I gotta say: Bravo, NavPress. It looks great, you guys. Nice trim size, great cover, with the art theme cleverly worked in throughout the pages. It definitely is a smashing package that goes well with graduations, football/basketball/wrestling/baseball/competitive speech championship celebrations, gift-giving occasions (Presidents' Day is just around the corner!), or just because.

I've seen many iterations of this book, from the Microsoft Word document I shipped off to the publisher electronically, to the copy-edited and printed Microsoft Word document I received from them, to the print-out stack-o'-paper version I got back from them after it had made the rounds through the design team. But there's something about seeing it in actual book form that makes it feel so real.

Also, there's something about seeing it in book form that causes me to palpitate immensely and find a myriad of things I wish I'd done differently. Most humorously, this time around, is the acknowledgment I gave Evan Taylor at the front, thanking him for snapping the author photo that graces the back pages of my books (and the upper left-hand corner of this websites). Then I flip it over to look at the back cover and find... no photo. NavPress left it off for some reason.

Okay, that's the only thing I'll tell you. You'll have to find all my other palpitation-inducing nitpicks on your own.

(P.S. As I write, this the book is the 2,969,830th best-seller over there at that one website.)

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Mark Keefer said...

Good to see your new one out. It's currently sitting in my amazon cart waiting for my next purchase (along with the Sweeney Todd soundtrack).