Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Super" Bowl

First, let me say this: I am neither a fan nor an anti-fan of the Indianapolis Colts or the Chicago Bears. I'm sorta "meh" about both teams--they both have quality guys on their teams, but I never really root for either of them.

So, when these two teams made it into the Big Game, I found myself, for the first time since the Bucs/Raiders matchup of '02, not really caring about the Super Bowl and completely unsure as to whether I would watch it.

Still, it'd be cool for Tony Dungy to win, both for how much of a class act he is, and with how much personal hell he's gone through over the past year. So I guess that means a half-hearted, unenthusiastic "Go Colts" goes out to them from me. There you go.

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