Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah Oscars...

I guess I have to write something about the Academy Award Nominations, seeing as how I'm big on those crazy movin' pictures they show down there at the cinema house. Although this year, I'm not really too interested in how the Oscars shake out, if only because I'm finding, as I get older, that my tastes and Oscar's are starting to diverge.

Take, for example, United 93, which, in my opinion, was the best film of the year. Nominated for directing and editing, the picture was shut out of the Best Picture nominees, while the "quirky(tm)" picture "Little Miss Sunshine" got in. (Full disclosure: I haven't seen the picture, but the trailer was enough to turn me off of it. Remember how, like, ten years ago, indie films actually felt independent and not like they were going down some Indie Cred Checklist?) I don't know.

I do know this: I'm not one of those people that says, "How come [such-and-such] wasn't nominated? Or [this guy] and [that guy] and [that other guy] and [you know, that guy with the thing]? Explain that, Academy!" I never understand this type of rant, wherein the author lists a good two hundred thousand other names and wonders why those people weren't nominated. Um... perhaps because they only take five nominees per category (mostly)? Just a thought.

Anyway, if you're itching to see an Oscar-nominated picture, my suggestion is to go catch Children of Men while it's still in theatres. It's easily one of the best pictures of the year, and, out of what I've seen, it's the most thought-provoking picture still playing in theatres.

Oh, my other best film of the year, tied with United 93? The Fountain. Just see it, okay? Then we'll talk about it.


Mark said...

Blah, blah, blah... ya know?

Oh, anyway. Thanks for the link to the blog, good stuff. I'll be lurking.

Had a great time playing at Believer's yesterday. You're still one solid bass player daddio. Always a pleasure.

On your subject, I've only seen "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Babel". "LMS" was likeable, but I don't see it as Best Picture material. And I agree with your take on how indies are not so indie feeling anymore. That wave has long splashed ashore. I wonder what will the next wave of indie movies look like. Probably movies only shot guerrila-style?

"Babel" was not good IMHO, at least I did not have any appreciation for it. Although I thought Cate Banchett was awesome. She makes you believe whatever she wants you to.

I have screeners for "The Departed" and "The Queen", both of which I'm really looking forward to seeing. I also have a screener for "Flight 93", but haven't had the mood to watch it yet, but I've been looking at the case longer and longer lately. It'll be soon.

I'll take your advice and catch "The Fountain" and "Children of Men" too.

Mark said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I lost my place a couple of times yesterday, 'cause I'd start paying too much attention to Michelle's voice. Wow. Melt city.

Adam said...

She's my favorite singer in the whole wide world.

As for "Children of Men" and "The Fountain": COM is very, very violent. Word of warning there. But I found it--and "The Fountain"--to be extraordinarily spiritual. Uplifting, even. I think this might be the new wave of filmmaking--people who strive to make films that aren't afraid to ask questions without also supplying the answers. That's what I found so unique and gratifying about "The Fountain." I think that's also what pissed the critics off about it.