Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look Under The Mask.

Coming soon, to a bookstore near you: The Soul of Spider-Man, a legendary exploration of spiritual themes that my friend Jeff and I found in the first three Spider-Man motion pictures. It turned out really cool--so cool, in fact, that Regal is bumping up the release date to this summer because they love it so much!

You can pre-order it now on Amazon or go bug your local bookstore for it. Hound them, please! Incessantly!

Many happy returns.



Anonymous said...

Hello Adam , would you be so kind as to complete the story of one roof?

Adam Palmer said...

Hello, Anonymous Blog Comment-Leaver. It is our hope that some day we will complete the story of One Roof | Africa, but we are taking our time, healing, waiting on God, trusting that He will continue to guide us through this very tricky emotional minefield.

marshall baker said...

Will this be available in kindle or ibook format (ePub, iBook, PDF etc....)? If so, do you know if it will have a preview?

Adam Palmer said...


At this point, I have no idea what formats Regal will release the book in. But if I find anything out, I'll let you know.