Monday, August 25, 2008

The Government Is Afraid Of The Truth!

Don't you dare attempt to correct the government's typographical errors.

Here's the lead paragraph to tantalize you into reading the story:

A man from Somerville, Mass., and his friend who went around the country this year removing typographical errors from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon.


Mark Keefer said...

that'z crasee. thay shud be abel to ficks al thos synes if thay wunt too.

Adam said...

True story: my mother-in-law was talking to someone the other day about a restaurant, and the person said, "Well, I used to like it until they highered their prices. Lunch used to be $3.99, but they highered it to $4.99."

Marshall b. said...

I would gladly take a word spelled incorrectly than a completely made up word like "highered"