Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Bean Is A... Beannette!

If I had a photo, I'd post it here. However, we have unearthed a magnificent fact: The Bean is indeed a girl, or "gel" as they like to call them in the UK.

At this point, The Bean is 15 inches long from head to heel, and is scheduled to be released on September 17, just a few days before Good Luck Chuck and Resident Evil: Extinction. Time will tell, but I believe The Bean will have a greater box office impact in the long run.


Mark said...

You forgot to mention the film that's releasing THE day she's due.

Chasing Tchaikovsky

BTW - congrats! You guys have always made beautiful babies.

Adam said...

Thanks! Sadly, that film is being released, according to the IMDb link, on "20 November 2007," which is European for "After The Kid Done Gets Borned." Perhaps you highfalutin' Californians are getting a sneak-peek at this high-octane, pulse-pounding thriller about a Jason Bourne-like assassin tasked by the New York Yankees to travel back in time to eliminate the Russian musician before he can compose "The 1812 Overture" and therefore remove a trademark 4th of July number from the repertoire of the Boston Pops. That'll show those Red Sox.

Yeah, your kids are cute, too. Way to go, us.

Mark said...

Yeah, it's a Los Angeles release, I guess it goes wide Nov 20.

Interesting take on the 1812 Overture plot. I'm glad it seems safe for this 4th anyway. I don't know what I'd do without those cannon blasts.