Friday, April 20, 2007

Divorce Is Hilarious.

So there's this new Toyota commercial on TV where a husband and wife are in an apparent divorce settlement hearing. You know, standard spacious, clean law office, lots of burnished surfaces. Everyone's very highfalutin' and "metro," if people are still using that word. And they're very dignified over who gets what. The house? That's you. The kid? Yes, over there.

Then the lawyer or mediator or whomever holds up the keys to the Toyota. And that's when they start to argue. They both dive for the key. Because they both want the Toyota! They want it so bad! Who cares about that other crap?! The Toyota is everything to us!

There's another commercial for some financial planning company that features an "interview" with two "real women" in a sort of "impromptu" style. They're sitting in front of, like, a barn and they're just riffing about how one of them is a real plan-ahead type of gal and the other one is more spur of the moment, and they're chatting like friends, and one of them planned her wedding for ten thousand years, and the other one got married thirty seconds after meeting the guy, and...

...wait for it...

...neither one of those marriages worked out! Ha! Double Ha! Oh, broken homes are so the awesomest thing that ever happened to comedy. And commercials. I know if I'm ever thinking about buying a product, I always look to the manufacturer with the highest divorced-to-married rate among its employees. Because that stuff? That is Comedy Gold.

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